Welcome to e²
Together making a difference

You have reached the Freudenberg e² webpage at which you can apply for e² funding for your selected common-good oriented project in the area of education and/or environment. We count on you to make a difference for future generations. Together - we can all contribute to helping people obtain a quality education and employment, and to fostering environmental protection.

Any common-good oriented project that is located in the neighborhood of a Freudenberg location worldwide and that meets the e² funding requirements can receive support.

Here is how it works:

When clicking the button below, you will be routed to the online application. If requested, log in with your usual business access data.

Please fill in all information required – if essential / mandatory information is missing, the system might alert you to complete or correct an entry.

At the end of each application page please click the “Next” button.

You can always save the data and documents already entered / attached, without sending the application immediately. As long as the application has not yet been sent, you can access it again to continue working on it and / or to make changes in it.

Once everything has been completed, the application can be sent by clicking "send application" button. No more changes can be made to it then.

Your application will be forwarded to your respective FRCC and the e² Project Office. You will receive an automated confirmation of receipt

Depending on the country in which the project will be located, the application will first be reviewed by the respective FRCC, and afterwards go to the Project Office. In case there are questions regarding the application, you will be contacted by the FRCC and / or Project Office. They will grant you renewed access to the application, in case information needs to be amended or added.

When a submitted project meets all requirements, you will receive another automated information that the Steering Committee will decide about support and respective funding in their next meeting.

After the meeting, you will be informed by ordinary e-mail and online whether your project proposal has been accepted or declined. You will also be informed about all further administrative steps.

Help needed?

In the case of questions, whether in general or regarding your application, please feel free to contact your manager or local HR representative, the e² Project Office e-squared@freudenberg.com, your respective FRCC or e² Business Group coordinator, or any member of the e² Steering Committee.